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Star Wars™

Star wars™ Costumes, accessories & Decorations

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Star Wars™ costumes for adults and children

The force is all around us, especially when you are dressed head to toe in Star Wars costumes. At Vegaoo.co.uk, enjoy searching for Star Wars™ fancy dress, with hundreds of choices to become your favourite character. Are you one for the dark side or Alliance? No matter which side you prefer, discover official product with our Star Wars costumes, accessories and decorations for adults and children. Become a Stormtrooper™ or lead the Empire with a Darth Vader™ costume for kids. Use the force to triumph against evil as a Jedi or Yoda™. Our costume range covers all 8 films, with new products added everyday- there’s sure to be a costume you love! Add more Star Wars fancy dress to your child’s fancy dress box and see the re-enact the epic battles with their friends. Join in the fun and become a character from Star Wars 8™, as Rey or Poe. There are collectable costume, luxury items and discount products to suit every pocket. Find adults Star Wars™ costumes from full suits, t-shirts and masks.

For every Star Wars™ event

Having followed the stories from their debut, many fans across the UK love everything Star Wars™. Wearing Star Wars fancy dress has become a much-seen phenomenon, with fans wearing official merchandise for film screenings, parties and just relaxing at home! Choose the perfect Star Wars fancy dress for you to wear whilst you party or sleep! Just as the generation before them, children love the stories of out of this galaxy adventure and re-enact the stories with much veracity. Throw your child a Star Wars™ themed birthday party so they can celebrate with their like-minded friends! Search for Star Wars™ decorations to place around the party, including banners, serviettes and goodie bags. Enjoy masks for each guest, Han Solo™, Ewok™, Princess Leia™- everybody can be a different star.

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Feel the force or good or evil with our choice of Star Wars costumes, acessories and decorations! There are hundreds of official products, perfect for a fancy dress party, birthday or Friday night in! Find Star Wars fancy dress for adults and children, as well as masks, light sabers, accessories and party decorations from all 8 films. Become the much loved character of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, as well as the newer additions Rey and Poe. Our range of official Star Wars™ products is sure to have an out of this galaxy party!

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