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Día de los Muertos

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Day of the dead meets Halloween

As well as Halloween, there is another festival to celebrate the dead, horrifying and down right scary! The Mexican festival of Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead to you and I, is a festival to celebrate the dead, to help their spirit pass on to the next life. As you can see, there's a connection between the two festivals. For Halloween, it is popular to wear the signature day of the dead costumes. These costumes usually include images of skulls, skeletons and all things gruesome! At Vegaoo.co.uk, browse our range of Dia de los Muertos costumes for adults. These outfits vary, in the hope that you will find the product which is perfect for you. Wish to wear a skeleton suit? Suited and booted with a bow tie and top hat? Or maybe a colourful dress, packed with life to help lost spirits find their way! We have many different adult day of the dead costumes to decide between. As for the little ones, the festival of the dead isn't just for the grown ups! We have spooky costumes for the kids too! Maybe your daughter would like a pretty dress, along with a scary mixture of skeleton bones and flowers? Or a skeleton suit for your son- one thing is sure- there's no traditional style for kids day of the dead costumes. Be original this Halloween and choose a costume Dia de los Muertos costume!

Day of the dead costumes and Accessories

If you have chosen to wear day of the day fancy dress for Halloween this year, congratulations! You are sure to have a costume which is admired by everyone at Halloween parties. And the kids are sure to stand out whilst trick or treating with ghosts and witches. Alongside the Dia de los muertos costume, to make the look complete, accessories are required! We have a large choice of day of the dead accessories which will transform your Halloween like no other! A skeleton needs a face, a face to scare everybody you see. You could choose a mask to do the job, or if your feeling arty, you could buy make up and design your mask yourself! We have decorations to transform your house into a Dia de los Muertos paradise, with bunting, confetti and skeleton selfie kits! With your day of the day costume, accessories and house decorations, bring the Mexican celebration to the UK!

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Wander through the pages at Vegaoo.co.uk to unlock a special Halloween. This year, discover the traditions and cultures of Dia de los Muertos. Find a day of the dead costume so colourful and bright, you may forget the meaning behind the festival of the dead! We also have kids day of the dead costumes to make sure nobody is left out of the fun!

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