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Cowboy fancy dress and accessories

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Cowboy & Cowgirl fancy dress at Vegaoo.co.uk

Yeehaw and welcome the Wild West! We’re going cowboy crazy at Vegaoo.co.uk with cowboy and cowgirl fancy dress and accessories. Find hundreds of cowboy fancy dress to become a real-life cowboy! There are costumes for adults and children if many different styles! Are you going to a Wild West themed fancy dress party? Choose a classic cowboy costume for men and wear the hat, bandana, waistcoat and famous chaps, wear the complete costume! Cowgirl fancy dress can be strong and ooze authority, be the sheriff in town with a classic cowgirl costume. Or, add a little fun to the costume with a sexy cowgirl costume. Match all our costumes with a cowboy accessory because no cowboy is complete without a pistol, hat or holsters. Have fun with this classic fancy dress theme and choose to wear for a birthday party or festival party! As well as fancy dress, discover cowboy accessories and Wild West decorations.

There's a showdown in town!

Step back in time with Wild West costumes and become a Western hero from the old films. Walk into the saloon in style wearing a luxury cowboy costume. The sheriff, barmen and fellow cowboys are sure to notice your entrance. Stride over to the bar, order a sarsaparilla and the barman will casually side it across the counter in your direction. Welcome to the Wild West. There’s a loud noise behind you and you turn to see a silhouette in the door way, a cowgirl costume being worn with swag and confidence- trouble is on the cards. Everybody heads outside to see the showdown between the new trouble maker and the town's sheriff. The crowd gathers as the two characters reach for their pistols.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Surprise! Happy birthday! A surprise Wild West party is everything you’ve wanted! All the guests are wearing cowboy fancy dress and playing with their cowboy accessories.

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Find many different items for a Wild West fancy dress party at Vegaoo.co.uk. Discover different styles of cowboy fancy dress to become the hero or villain. Match a cowgirl fancy dress with an pistol accessory to complete the costume. Try our official Lucky Luke™ costumes for adults and children to bring your favourite cowboy story to life! Also fins cowboy couples costumes for adults, children and families.

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