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Kids PJ Masks™ costume at Vegaoo.co.uk

Is your childs favourite television programme PJ Masks™? The new hit programme is a rave with children, so why not get a PJ Masks™ kids costume as a present! Whether it is a birthday or treat for good behaviour, you are sure to make your child’s extremely happy by giving them a Catboy™, Owlette™ or Gekko™ costume. Match the colours blue, red and green to your child’s favourite colour, or choose their favourite animal, cat, owl or gecko. On thing is sure, your child will love playing in their Kids PJ Masks costume. Allow them to bring the stories to life and re-enact the adventures seen in the programme. As they play with friends, PJ Masks™ excitement will take over! They will grow in confidence as they becoe a superhero defeating the enemy and saving the world. Childrens PJ Masks fancy dress will place them straight into their favourite programme and alongside their heros.

Three different superheros

In PJ Masks™, the story follows three best friends and neighbours. They send ordinary days at school and with their family, however when night falls they become superheros who fight crime! Catboy™ has a cat persona and transforms with a Catboy PJ Masks costume for kids. The blue suit has a long tail and mask has two small cat ears. With cat powers and agility, he is a great superhero for your child to become. The girl in the group is Owlette who takes the powers of an owl to create a Owlette PJ Masks costume for kids. The red suit has flexible wings which will allow your child to imagine flying and saving the day. The superhero Gekko has special powers similar to a gecko- the ability to camouflage to his surroundings. Your child will love wearing a Gekko PJ Masks costume for kids which includes a long tail and fun mask. No matter which kids PJ Masks™ costume you choose, it is sure to be a hit!

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Find officially licenced kids PJ Masks™ costumes at Vegaoo.co.uk, the UK's largest supplier of fancy dress costumes and accessories. Transform your child into Catboy, Owlette or Gekko with a replica PJ Masks costume for kids. They will play and re-enact saving the world- just like watching their favourite television programme.

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