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Kids knight costumes

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Knight costumes at Vegaoo.co.uk

Step back to the Middle Ages and become a brave knight to defend the kingdom! Choose a kids knight costume as a present for your child’s birthday. Add a costume to their fancy dress box and watch them go on adventures to slay dragons and defend castles. Children are intrigued by Medieval times, the tales of King Arthur and the round table. With a knights costume for kids, they can re-enact battles and imagine the Middle Ages. The armour is instantly recognisable, and so too the different coats of arms to represent your clan. Try a knight costume for boys or a medieval crusader knight costume. Both are bold, colourful and have all the elements required! Children’s knight costumes are made from material designed to look like chain mail, with a chain mail hood and chest plate. Everything you need to look the party for Medieval themed fancy dress.

Defend the Kingdom from the dragon!

Each time you wear your knights costume for kids, you are taken away to a mysterious land of magic and adventure. The clock is ticking as the soldiers attack the castle. They are wearing kids knight costumes and running fast! As you glade down the staircase, there is only one thing on your mind- you must rescue the princess from the far tower before.. You hear a roar.. before the dragon gets there first! Racing through the crumbling building, thankfully your children’s knight costume includes a hat so the falling stones won’t stop you. Arrows fly past as you press forward, with only one thing on your mind. The dragon seems to have the same thought and is circling in the sky around the tower, breathing fire at the knights below. Growing up in the castle, you have time to explore and now is the opportunity to use the collar pass which leads to the foot of the tower. The dragon will never suspect a thing.

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Find kids knight costume at Vegaoo.co.uk, and open a world of magic, history and adventure! There is a wide choice of Medieval knight costumes for kids. Save the kingdom from attack, battle a dragon or rescue a princess wearing a knights costume for kids. Bring the Middle Age to life.

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