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To become a superhero, there are a few things you require. The most important is to possess a super power (or be a billionaire like our friend Bruce Wayne). This power will set the tone for the second aspect of a superhero, the costume. Depending on your power or how you acquired the gift, this can reflect in your outfit, spider, bat, panther the list goes on! The final and potentially most important aspect of superheroes persona is to have a disguise, a veil between you and the adoring (or not so adoring in some cases) public. For this you need a superhero mask. Choose to possess the fundamental aspect of your favourite hero with the help from Vegaoo.co.uk. Discover a huge selection of superhero masks covering a range of different characters from comics, television and films! Wear the mask of Iron Man™, Batman™ or a Star Wars™ mask to a festival or fancy dress party!

Superhero masks for adults and children

Are you a huge fan of superheroes and action, adventure and fantasy films? Does your child love heroes and wants to become just like their idol? Discover superhero masks at Vegaoo.co.uk! Find the mask of your favourite hero. Find masks from comic book stars, with Marvel™ classics such as Spider-Man™, Captain America™ and Hulk™. In the other corner we have DC Comics™, with Batman masks, Flash™ and Joker™. For children’s masks, discover television characters from PJ Masks™ and Power Rangers™. Complete any superhero costume with a mask to keep your identity hidden from friends and family at a party. Find official licences to create a perfect superhero persona!

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Transfrom into your favourite superhero with a superhero mask. Add a mask to your costume to create the complete outfit for a fancy dress party. Disguise yourself from your friends with a Spider-Man™, Darth Vader™ or Batman mask. Discover all the official licence masks from famous heroes and super villains from comics, books and the big screen. At Vegaoo.co.uk, you are sure to find the ideal superhero mask for a child's birthday present!

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