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Match your costume with a zombie mask

Make your friends and family jump with a zombie mask this Halloween! Be sure to scare your friends with a gory mask from Vegaoo.co.uk. Choose from our large range of realistic masks, for adults and children. Decide between horror zombie masks made form latex or paper masks for a party. Match your zombie costume with a zombie mask to complete the costume! Many of the masks are made from latex, making the material flexible and easy to mould. Also, small details can be drawn on the mask to create bloody cuts, scars, rotten flesh or missing teeth. If you are a solider, choose the zombie soldier mask with a green helmet and sunken jaw. For a biker costume, add a zombie mask to create the real Hell’s Angels!

Scare your friends on Halloween

Sneak up to your friends on Halloween and make them scream! Take your children trick or treating wearing a zombie mask and guarantee they will receive the most sweets. Becoming the living dead this Halloween can defiantly have some perks! Create a prank for your friends by wearing a toxic zombie mask and making your friends think that there has been a zombie epidemic! Wear an official mask from World War Z™ can bring a famous zombie to life from the big screen. There’s a huge range of masks, from low price products to deluxe items, there’s no reason not to enjoy wearing a zombie mask to a Halloween party. Dress the same as a large group of friends and as zombies take over your town!

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Add a zombie mask to your zombie costume this Halloween! Be sure to scare your friends like a horror mask with gore and guts! Try a latex mask with excellent detail- detail to make your friends scream and guarantee a brilliant Halloween.

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