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Adult Hippie Costumes

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Hippie costumes for men and women

Step back in time and bring the 60’s back to life with an adults hippie costume. Search for the perfect hippie costume for you to wear for a fancy dress party or summer festival to show your style! There are many different costumes for men and women in various flower power styles and colours. No matter what the theme- Vegaoo.co.uk will have the costume for you. Find cheap hippie costumes for adults if you are all wearing matching costumes in a large group. Choose a classic design which has options in outfits for men and women. Feel at one with nature and peaceful whilst wearing your adult hippie costume to a festival. Relax in the fields wearing your chosen 1960s outfit alongside your friends. Listen to music and enjoy the great outdoors. For a hippie themed birthday party, attract attention with a bright and vibrant costume.

Wear for a festival or party!

Sitting in the field, it seems like Woodstock all over again! As the sun beats down and the green grass rolls on for miles, you are surrounded by peace and love at a summer festival. Party goers are talking, laughing and dancing to the music which floats across from each corner of the field. Wearing your adult hippie costume, you know this is the perfect way to dress at a festival. Relaxed and down to earth, you soak in the environment and admire everybody’s choice of clothing. A couple are wearing adult hippie costumes made from the same psychedelic material and bandanas. A family cross the field sporting peace and love costumes which look perfect in the sunshine. Men and women listen to the music and sway to rhythm as one, their hippie costumes for adults all becoming one in a crowd of positive energy.

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Are you heading to a festival this summer? Choose an adult hippie costume to wear as you enjoy the music and sunshine. At Vegaoo.co.uk find a huge range of hippie costumes for adults to wear for a fancy dress party of your choice! The classic 60's style will always impress family and friends- and try to spread some love and peace while your there!

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