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Star Wars™

Star Wars costumes for adults

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Star Wars™ costumes at Vegaoo!

Since the first film 40 years ago, Star Wars™ has never stopped grabbing the attention and imagination of their fans. Fans are still in love with the franchise 40 years on, and they are also gaining new and younger fans every days. Dressing up as your favourite character isn’t just for kids and their playtime- choose a Star Wars costume for adults to wear for a fancy dress event! At Vegaoo.co.uk, find costumes from all the characters from each film, for men and women! The official licenced adult Star Wars fancy dress will ensure a quality product and the force will always be with you. Whether you choose the dark side or to fight for the Resistance, we have the costumes for you at a range of suitable prices for you! In just a few clicks, receive your adult Star Wars costume direct to your door in time for the party.

Which side are you on?

Has the pull of the dark side always been too strong? Did fighting for the Empire always intrigued you more than the Resistance? Find the perfect Star Wars fancy dress for adults to wear for your friend’s birthday party. The theme is superheroes, and who is more super than Darth Vader™! The iconic bad guy has been a cult favourite for millions for four decades. Don the infamous black helmet and lead the Empire to greatness. Following in his footsteps is Kylo Ren™, the young successor who hopes to emulate Vader’s power. Become Kylo for a Star Wars™ themed film party. Your a Star Wars costume for adults can be a deluxe costume to wow all the other Star Wars™ fans. Maybe you would prefer to be a Jedi and fight against evil? Then you are in the right place! Find dozens of adult Star Wars costume for the good guys! Bring the whole gang together with a Rey™, Princess Leia™, Yoda™, Chewbacca™ and a classic Jedi consume. Which side will you be on?

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For official Star Wars costume for adults, you're in the right place! Discover costumes for every character at Vegaoo.co.uk. Costumes for men and women cover all the main characters and more, from Darth Vader™, Jedi's™, Stormtroopers™, Yoda and many many more! Choose which side of the Star Wars™ battle you are fighting for with an adult Star Wars fancy dress. Are you supporting the Resistance, or the mega power of the Empire?

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