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Vegaoo.co.uk brings the 1920's to life!

The 1920’s were a time of freedom and to prosper, a time when it seemed the world had forgotten it’s troubles and were ready to party, drink and dance their troubles away. Re-live the Charleston era by wearing an adult 1920’s costume to the fancy dress party! The outfits are big, bold and at the same time elegant, what more could you want! At Vegaoo.co.uk, we have Charleston fancy dress for adults to suit every pocket. Try cheap fancy dress costumes if you’re on a budget, or a premium, luxury costume for those who want to push the boat out. Find dresses, jackets, suits and trousers to create a traditional and authentic 20’s look. Buy 1920’s fancy dress for adults for men and women and really bring the decade to life! Ideal for throwing a Charleston themed party, allow all your guests to dress in their best and dance all night long.

A secret VIP Charleston party

It’s the first time you’ve been invited to the secret club. You’ve heard the tales of laughter, dance and fun and now you will experience it for yourself. It wasn’t difficult to decide what to wear, you instantly feel in love with your adult 1920’s costume, a short red dress with fringes that shake with each movement. Now here you are, walking down the steps to the underground bar. The doorman tips his hat as you enter and your instantly stunned by the flurry of life inside. The small room is full on people stood around tall circle tables. Beautiful Charleston fancy dress for adults can be seen all around the room. As a jazz band plays in the corner, couples dance the Charleston on the dance floor. Waitresses in 1920’s flapper dresses are buzzing around serving drinks. All the gentleman are wearing gangster costumes for men, the stereotypical outfit for the roaring 20’s! Never have you seen so many adult 1920’s costumes and felt such a buzz that the party creates. This will be one fancy dress party to remember.

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adult 1920's fancy dress: Be prepared to be transported back into the days of flappers and gangsters with our huge array of 20's costumes for adults! Black flapper dress, gangster costume, sexy cocktail cabaret…

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